Understanding Your Options for Treatment and Repair of a Fractured Tooth

While tooth enamel is very hard, there are still things that can cause chips and fractures. While some fractures are caused by something as obvious as a blow to the face or a hard fall, there can also be other mundane causes. It’s not uncommon for a fracture or large chip to occur on a… Read more »

Moderately Stained Tooth Enamel Can Be Brightened by a Dental Whitening Gel

Your tooth enamel has microscopic pores that small dark particles can sometimes adhere to. As time passes these stains can penetrate deeper and deeper into the tooth enamel. The depth of the stains will determine the best method to whiten the smile. It’s wise to consult with Dr. before starting any whitening program. The extensive… Read more »

Understanding Your Treatment Options for a Knocked-Out Tooth

It’s not unheard of for a hard fall or a blow to the face to knock out one of your teeth. In some cases, where the tooth is knocked out cleanly out of the socket, one of ’s dentists might be able to successfully implant it again. If there is blood or debris in your… Read more »

Risk Factors for Contracting Gum Disease

Did you know that periodontal disease – or as it’s commonly referred to, gum disease – is the most common cause of tooth loss in American adults? There are a lot of things that go into someone contracting gum disease, but today we’re going to go over some of the most common risk factors. It’s… Read more »

Basic First Aid and Treatment for a Fractured Tooth

While your tooth enamel is hard enough to bite off, chew and grind hard foods, there are times when an accidental blow to the face or a hard fall can carry enough force to fracture the enamel layer of a tooth. People who grind their teeth on a regular basis are also prone to develop… Read more »

A Professional Dental Bleaching Procedure Is the Safest, Most Effective Way to Whiten Your Smile

A winning smile plays in your favor in so many situations in life. Many people that are struggling with stains on their teeth often consult with Dr. to explore their options for a brighter, whiter smile. Regardless of the depth of the stains on your teeth, you should always consult with Dr. before you start… Read more »

Correcting Smile Flaws with Dental Bonding

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile? If you have minor smile flaws, Dr. may recommend dental bonding in , . During this procedure, our dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin to your teeth and use a special light to bond it in place. This material can enhance your smile and will feel… Read more »

Should I Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you’re embarrassed by your smile because of gaps, discoloration, crooked teeth, and other imperfections, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry. offers smile-enhancing treatments such as dental bonding, dental veneers, and teeth whitening to help you achieve the smile you desire. Dr. can repair minor dental flaws by bonding composite resin to your natural… Read more »

Had Your “Fill” of Cavities? Get a Filling!

Have you ever stopped and thought about everything your teeth do for you? Without them you couldn’t bite or chew food, swallowing would be more difficult, you would even have trouble speaking. Teeth are great, and it’s important to take excellent care of them. But what happens if you do get something like a cavity?… Read more »

The Facts About Professional Fluoride Treatment

Have you ever wondered why our team offers professional fluoride treatments when you come in for a dental cleaning? If so, we are happy to tell you why! Fluoride is a beneficial mineral that keeps your smile in tip-top shape by strengthening and nourishing your chompers as well as preventing and fighting tooth decay and… Read more »