If you are interested in enhancing the beauty of your smile, our skilled dentist may recommend cosmetic dentistry. We offer a number of cosmetic dental services at Corey I. Johnson D.D.S., P.C. to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy-looking smile of your dreams. During your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Corey Johnson, we will listen closely to your specific concerns and desires for your smile. We will also carefully examine your smile to determine what type of cosmetic dental treatment will best suit your needs. We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, to accommodate a variety of needs and preferences, including:

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Through cosmetic dentistry, we can correct cosmetic dental flaws to give you a more perfect smile. Our cosmetic dental services can improve the appearance of flaws such as:

  • Teeth that are chipped or fractured
  • Teeth that are discolored or stained
  • Teeth that are slightly misaligned
  • Teeth that are very worn
  • Teeth that are irregularly shaped
  • Teeth that are missing
  • Teeth that are separated by large spaces or gaps

To discover how we can improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry, we welcome you to contact us today. We look forward to transforming your smile!