Do You Have TMJ Problems? We Can Help!

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Do you tend to wake up with headaches? Do you suffer from sensitive teeth? Would you be surprised to hear that both of these issues could be the result of bruxism, which is often known as teeth grinding? While this is a serious problem, did you know that there are other common issues that could be responsible for your sore jaw?

Still, please don’t misunderstand: bruxism is a serious problem. Unfortunately, many people grind their pearly whites while they’re asleep or when they’re nervous. Moreover, you could have to deal with a few other issues if you don’t address your bruxism. For instance, bruxism can lead to fractures and chips, enamel erosion, and eventual tooth loss.

Another common cause of sore or stiff jaws is TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder actually affects the joint responsible for the movement of your jaw. If you’re dealing with this issue, you may also be suffering from frequent headaches. You may also hear strange noises when you open or close your jaw. Unfortunately, TMJ disorder may also lead to teeth grinding.

Finally, please note that if you’re anxious or stressed, then you could experience pain in your jaw. Some individuals also clench their jaw when they are stressed, which typically leads to tension. Luckily, there are other solutions you can consider for coping with tension in your jaw. If you do have this problem, we recommend speaking to our dentist about potential solutions.

Luckily our team can help you treat these problems. If you’d like to hear more about caring for a sore jaw in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, please feel free to contact our dental office at 970-945-9119. Dr. Corey Johnson and our team look forward to receiving your call.