How to Prevent Dental Issues

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Do you want a top-notch oral health and smile? If so, you need to prevent dental issues. Dental issues can attack and destroy your teeth and gums and severely alter the quality of your oral health. Our dentist, Dr. Corey Johnson, would like to help you avoid dental issues as much as possible. To help you do so, he is happy to list some ways you can prevent them.

-Keep up on oral hygiene: You need to brush twice a day and floss and rinse daily. These things can help you prevent dental issues because they remove the plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums, which can help you avoid cavities, gum disease and more.

-Attend your dental checkups: You need to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined every six months. This is important because the cleaning removes dangerous substances from your teeth and gumline, like tartar, and additional treatments can help you have a top-notch smile. Your checkups are also vital to preventing gum disease.

-Use fluoride: Fluoride can help you prevent dental issues because it strengthens the teeth. Fluoride is a natural mineral that dives into the tooth enamel and strengthens it, making it a tough shell. This makes it harder for bacteria and other harmful substances to damage your smile.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how to prevent dental problems in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, please contact our dental team. All you need to do is dial 970-945-9119 and we will be more than happy to help you!