The Sippy Cup that is Right for Your Child’s Smile

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Do you ever wonder if your child’s sippy cup is affecting the smile? If so, you’re on the right track because it might be. This is a great step toward caring for your child’s oral health. To help you know if their sippy cup is good for their smile, our dentist, Dr. Corey Johnson, is happy to give you some special information.

First, he would like to talk about the different cups available in the world today. You first have the transition cup. This cup usually transitions your child from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to their first cup. It will have two handles and a soft nipple. Second, you have the toddler cup. This cup does not have handles, but it does have a straw or spout. Third, you have the kid bottle. This cup is much bigger than toddler cups and it looks just like you water bottle—only smaller.

The American Dental Association recommends that you stay away from sippy cups that have valves, which are the small plastic pieces that keep the cup from leaking. This is recommended because these valves encourage the sucking motion. The sipping motion is much better for the smile. Also, when it comes to choosing between a cup with a straw or spout, it’s better to choose the cup with the straw because the straw keeps the liquid from touching the front teeth, which can help your child prevent cavities.

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