Caring For Your Dentures

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Losing your teeth doesn’t need to be a permanently negative feature of your appearance. For those who have missing teeth, dentures are a welcome and positive fix.


Custom-made and removable, modern dentures are a natural looking substitute for your original teeth. It may take some time to become used to dentures, but they allow you to look, speak, and eat normally again. While there is no replacement for the real thing, today’s dentures are more functional and comfortable than ever before.


It is important that you take care of your dentures. With time and normal wear, your dentures will need repair to keep them tight and conform to changes in your mouth. You should see your dentist at least once a year to check the fit of your dentures.


On your own, you should follow these tips when caring for your dentures:


– Dentures may break if dropped. Handle them delicately and use a folded towel on the bathroom counter to cushion a fall when removing or cleansing.


– Keep your dentures moist. They can dry out, so put them in water or a soaking solution when not wearing them.


– Never put dentures in hot or boiling water as they may warp.

– Daily brushing of your dentures will keep them from becoming stained. It is recommended you do this daily to remove plaque and food debris.


– Prior to inserting them into your mouth, thoroughly brush your tongue, palate, and gums to encourage circulation and also removes plaque.


– Don’t ever try to repair your dentures yourself. Contact your dentist to fix any cracks or chips. If your dentures are loose, you may need an adjustment in the overall denture that only he can mend properly.


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