Timely Treatment Is Needed to Address a Missing Dental Filling

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A gradual change in the surface texture of the tooth with a dental filling, or worsening problems with sensitivity could be a sign of a dental filling in distress. Some patients experiencing a problem like this eventually have the dental filling fall out.

Should something like this happen to you, it’s best to seek treatment from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Corey Johnson as soon as possible. The compromised or missing dental filling could lead to problems with severe tooth decay or a potentially dangerous dental fracture.

If the affected area is relatively small he might be able to install a replacement dental filling. A treatment process like this will require him to remove a minor amount of additional tooth enamel to create a clean surface to bond the new dental filling material.

In a case where the affected area is large or it threatens the structural integrity of the tooth he might recommend a dental crown restoration. A treatment process like this typically requires two separate appointments to completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with another durable dental material.

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